This project was concerned with the sequencing of images to communicate a narrative. 
I took inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Shadow,' a fairytale that tells the story of a man who ignored his shadow for so long that it became a real person. Exploring this concept I created a poem that tells the story of a person who failed to address their dark side; represented by their shadow. Subsequently the shadow grew into a person and the person faded from reality. 
I told this story with a combination of portrait and still-life photography, intending to highlight the essentiality of both the light and the dark aspects of life. I combined this imagery with lines from my own poem and relevant quotes from author Haruki Murakami in the format of a broadsheet newspaper, to compliment the large-scale black and white photographs. 
There is no light without shadow
There is no shadow without light 
Below are photographs of the publication from front to back:
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