I undertook a 3 month creative placement at the Jupiter Museum of Art in Shenzhen, China.  My role was a graphic design intern,  part of a small branding team that created the entire visual identity for the Museum, which opened in open in early December '20. 
I was assigned a specific role to create designs for merchandise such as T-shits, tote bags, membership cards and cups for the café. With these I explored the way I could use the finalised brand colours and logo, across a variety of illustrative designs that would make the museums merchandise stand out whilst maintaining their personal visual identity.
I created an illustration of the museum that could be adapted to either shape or line dependant on the intended use and scale, I also created a typographic illustration in which I distorted the museum's logo into a circle suggestive of its link to the planet Jupiter. 
Below are a selection of my design proposals, some of which were selected for manufacture: 
 I also worked on layout with regard to both print and digital, as I assist on projects such as flyer design and the creation of a website for the museum. ​​​​​​​
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