This brief was concerned with the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals,' or SDGs. Specifically, it required me to identify one ODA Developing country and to design a poster campaign that addressed a challenge related to one of the SDGs.

I based my campaign around Afghanistan, focussing upon SDG 16; ‘peace, justice and strong institutions.' My aim was to inspire individuals within Afghanistan to claim back their own future within their country. Specifically, I chose to advertise a solution to the opium crisis, suggesting an alternative produce in the form of saffron; something that is currently happening through organisations such as the charity Rumi Spice.

A key consideration was the accessibility of my campaign. I was conscious that there is still a degree of Taliban control, and I didn’t want my posters to cause any unease or endanger people. Thus, I decided that they shouldn’t be too radical, and should be as in-keeping as possible with Afghanistan’s visual identity. In order to do this, I kept the colour scheme to blue and red, colours often found in Afghan rugs.

My final four poster designs had differing aims;
- to emphasise the potential trade links via symbolic paper planes
- to show the potential for women’s work
- to show how saffron is an alternative to poppies
 - to show saffron as a symbol of hope, using traditional afghan typography
 Overall, I wanted clear, demonstrative imagery to allow for visual communication independent of whether the audience was literate.
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