In this project I was required to work in a 5-man group to re-design and produce 5 copies of a single designed book; Hilaire Belloc's 'cautionary tales for children,' suitable for an adult audience. 
The original book is a selection of comic poems about naughty children meeting grim endings, we chose to re-create the book with an emphasis on mindfulness; using design tools such as soothing line drawings, minimalist layout, and a selective colour palette to encourage contemplation within the viewer about the morales behind these century old stories. 
We divided up roles for the project, where I was assigned the role of illustrator.
Below are a selection of my the illustrations i created for the book. I created these by drawing with pen and paper and then converting them into vector illustrations in order to adhere to the book's colour palette. 
Pattern pages to introduce individual poems:
Character designs:
Examples of individual illustrations:
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